Quick Definition: An artist’s main source of inspiration for his work, often traced back to his true love, usually to a woman or a cause. (Although it can be love for any entity.)

Full Definition:

Your muse is your inspiration of the ideal woman. Humans are innately flawed, but an ideology is pure. The muse is used to channel our innate ability to feel love and infuse it into a work of art.

A muse, in pickup, is the one that got away, or our vision of that ideal girl. For many artists, it was the girl they loved back in junior high who never noticed him. Or it could be his image of the ideal woman. Or, it could be that one girl who rejected the artist, and he’s been after her or a girl like her ever since.

Muses are important in any trade that inspire men (and women ) alike. Lady Gaga has revealed that her true love for her ex-boyfriend was the inspiration for her drive and motivation behind her songs. Hugh Hefner said in an interview (Source: Everyone Loves You When You Are Dead, Neil Strauss):

A lot of people in our culture today are self-invented celebrities, but you were one of the first to do that.

Hefner: I don’t know if I was the first, but it’s certainly very dramatic in my case. I think that, you know, there is a light that is handed to you by your parents and society, and then there is a light that if you are smart, you can create for yourself. In other words, Bernie Schwartz reinvested himself as Tony Curtis. Archie Leach reinvented himself as Cary Grant. They had obviously made films, and the films were enough to help them, but I think that in another way, we all try to do that if we’re smart. And I certainly did.

When did that process begin for you?

Hefner: My first reinvention was when I was in high school.Having been rejected by a girl I had a crush on, I literally changed the way I dressed and went for what I perceived then as being cooler clothes; yellow cords and saddle shoes. And I changed my name: I started referring to myself as Hef for the first time.

Perhaps in perfecting our image of the muse, we push ourselves to become the men that we ourselves idealize. We become that which we believe will please our muse in order to finally be with her.

In The Notebook, Noah renews his spirits by building the house he promised Allie, his muse:


Ironically, sometimes when we see that girl we wanted so bad in high school, she isn’t as desirable as she used to be. Perhaps the idea itself is the key, and not the person. Regardless, artists evolve and constantly redefine themselves, and, ideally, a muse can change over time. Otherwise, men of great power move on to new (and maybe younger) muses. Throughout life, we are always in search of the next thing that inspires our progress into the future.


Melina was my muse in high school.

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