Muppet Gallery / Peanut Gallery

Quick Definition: The Muppets was a famous show with several puppets in the Muppet Gallery that commented on the show. Peanut Gallery is a name that derived from old theatres that had the cheapest seats for its patrons, which often was full of peanuts, the least expensive snack. These days it is known as an audience that heckles the speaker or performer.

Full Definition:

While some guys stay silent, others like to gossip and talk about a particular pick up, girl friend, or sexual situation as if they were commentators in a sports game. Peanut galleries are sometimes done for fun and laughs, and the PUA who does an approach can laugh with them.

However, sometimes the gallery can turn really hostile, and “haters” are born. Depending on the level of fun the peanut gallery is having, it can become annoying at times. Peanut galleries range from classy feedback to tasteless rudeness.

The Canadian show Keys to the VIP celebrates this style of feedback during a pick up scenario, a classic case of the peanut gallery.


Do we have to go through that room? I don’t want to hear the Muppet gallery again.

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