Multiple Long Term Relationship Squared (MLTR^2)

Quick Definition: An even more advanced version of the regular MLTR whereby at least one of the PUA’s HBs is bisexual and is able to wing him to pickup other HBs.

Full Definition:

In the MLTR^2, there is always one “lead” female, so to speak. She is usually the bisexual female and assists the PUA ideally because she cares for him, and that she herself enjoys picking up other women of beauty.

In pimp terminology, the “lead” female is called a “Bottom Bitch.” This is the head mistress that manages the pimp’s harem and keeps the other girls in check. Although not entirely the same, the lead bisexual girl is also the PUA’s “2nd in command.”

Both Jeffy and Zan have shared stories of their bisexual threesome relationships ending because their Bottom Bitches defected (Jeffy in The Jeffy Show, and Zan in original ASF posts with his 2 teenage GFs).

Related Terms: MLTR, Harem Management, Tandem Hunting

Source: Fast Seduction

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