Quick Definition: The concept of creating and playing with multiple threads within a conversation.

Full Definition:

Multi-threading is a natural pattern amongst close friends when the conversation switches often between subjects. One minute, the group can be talking about the movie they just saw, and then suddenly another person remembers that tomorrow is Wayne’s birthday and the group switches to that topic. Something else might come to mind about good places to eat, etc.

With a target or a new acquaintance, multi-threading is great for building rapport, as well as having many evolving storylines all at once. This retains the PUA’s intrigue with the group, and leaves threads open to close at a later stage with the target. Having multiple threads gives a PUA options and flexibility in a conversational sense in any social situation. Improvisation (acting) is a great skill and technique to learn in order to multi-thread and get a sense of the feeling of generative communication (generating new topics and threads on the spot).

Although mutli-threading is a great conversational skill, it is always better to have one or a few very interesting stories, rather than many mediocre or boring stories.


We need to do a better job of multi-threading when in set together.

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