Multi-Level Communication

Quick Definition: The different levels and frequencies that humans communicate to one another.

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One of the key areas of understanding to become a master PUA is the concept of different communication frequencies. Some people prefer to love based on touch, others sound, still others are visual. There are very specific personal calibrations.

Broader still, are female communication channels. Different wavelengths. Is this text sneaky? sexy? cute? If you ever watch girl drama (Gossip Girl, Sex and the City, The Carrie Diaries), you will know that different emotional pulls have great effect in creating a great “story” for women.


Understanding that you can verbally be saying very boring things and yet be communication with great effect via your body language, eye contact and energy is so important in attraction, comfort, and your general relationships with women.

With technology, now PUAs have to understand how to manage their Facebook “public” communication, their text game (which is starting to include images / video as internet usage and data speed increases), and their face to face game. For example, how is a girl going to react when she sees another girl commenting on your Facebook wall? Marketers call social media “multi-level communication”, suggesting that if a user hears about the PS4 via their Facebook feed, then a TV commercial, and then from a friend, they are most likely to become consumers of the product.

Understanding how your “persona” comes across via email, Facebook, and all these channels is now an important part of your “game” and in fact, all of your social interactions.

multi level communication
social media and technology has introduce different mediums of communicating in dating. Nonetheless, there’s no substitute for intimate face to face interaction.

At 44:55 Richard La Ruina talks about communication frequencies. Every girl (and guy) has a Good girl vs. Bad girl channel, and if you communicate to her in that way, she’s more likely to respond.

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Usage: Be aware of the multiple levels of communication that goes on at all times when people are just “chatting”

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