Mr. Smooth Style

Quick Definition: A subtle way of DHVing a wing designed to generate automatic agreement in the target.

Full Definition:

Developed by Maniac of the ASF forums, Mr. Smooth is a technique that a wing uses to DHV his partner in a friendly and disarming manner involving a positive trait about a wing.

For example, “So we both know that my friend is good looking, but what most people don’t know is his unique sense of style. Don’t you like his look tonight?”

This is a way for a wing to frame his friend as already having a good trait (i.e. good looking), and the framed questions allows her to easily answer “Yes, he’s stylish” without any resistance. This automatically DHVs the friend and opens up a rapport and attraction based conversation about his style.


Carlo is being Mr. Smooth tonight.

Related Terms: Accomplished Introduction, Wing, DHV

Source: Maniac

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