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  • Mr M.

    By on October 25, 2012

    knowledge sphere smallKnowledge Sphere:

    Mr M.
    Mr M.

    Real Name: Mr. M
    Affiliation: PUA Instructor at Love Systems

    Mr. M

    Real Name: n/a
    Age: n/a
    Affiliation: Love Systems
    Website: http://www.projectrockstarblog.com/

    Most guys get into the community after a tough breakup, and Mr. M. is no different, his earliest experiences with women were described as “hopeless”, and his first kiss did not even occur until he was 20 years old. Mr. M. pursued a dedicated and diligent quest of study by seeking assistance from some of the greatest dating gurus in the world, much like his own students do with him today. On his four year journey of self study and self improvement, he studied the arts of the inner game, the outer game, the dynamics of social interaction, and most importantly…attraction.

    Today, he is internationally renowned for his solid 9 and 10 game and the lead instructor for Love Systems across Europe and the UK and has been consistently ranked in the Top 10 PUA’s by TSB Magazine.

    From a man that never kissed a girl until 20 to a man that has Playboy playmates on his current roster of former girlfriends, Mr. M. is considered nothing short of a legend and genius in the field. He has pioneered strategies in the areas of the Inner Game and revolutionized tactics such as Social Circle Mastery (working with Braddock). He is also one of the founders and lead coaches of Project Rockstar.

    Although he has been doing it long enough to have many well established signature tactics, Mr. M’s key success lie in his ability to help his students discover their own individual traits that will lead them to success in the field of pick up. Rather than simply instructing cookie cutter approaches that everybody can use, Mr. M. helps his global audience become better in the world of the pickup by first understanding their own instinctive social intelligence. He refers to this as the Inner Game, and teaches about the mind set, not the one liners, that is necessary to pursue a abundant romantic lifestyle.

    His list of publication includes his Social Circle Mastery Home Study Course, “The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game”, “How to be an Alpha Male”, “Overcoming Physical Obstacles”, “High End Club Game”, “Gaming Conservative Girls”, and many more. He has also been featured on a number of global news outlets such as The Boston Globe, The Times, News of the World Magazine, to name a few.

    You can find him on line at The Attraction Forums: http://www.theattractionforums.com/mr-m/

    Follow him on Twitter @LS_MrM

    Mr. M Pictures

    Mr M talking about gaming 9s and 10s:

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