AKA Moxie

Quick Definition: The way an artist’s moves about and is courageous in the face of apparent fear. Someone with “moxy” is not afraid of social conditioning and knows the boundaries and how to push them.

Full Definition:

No, it is not the drink! Or the Girl Dolls! Or the Band!

In PUA terms, moxy is the way a seducer carries himself in situations of high social pressure. For example, the artist can walk up to a girl with a guy standing next to her and engage them both in polite conversation. Or, he may even ask, “Is this your boyfriend?”

In addition to courage, “moxy” can also refer to someone who is “slick,” like a combination of “swagger” and “smoothness.” It is a more elegant and soothing version of “swagger,” which can often mean “hard” and “ready to do battle.”


Most women would agree: Patrick Swayze had Moxy in Dirty Dancing

Moxy is generally considered a more “elegant’ and “soft” description, and as such is sometimes used to describe girls with a cool sense of style.


Chris has a lot of moxy in Keys To The VIP

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