Movies for Men of Style

Guest post by Debbie Anderson.

Sometimes you just need the inspiration. You know, to see how dapper men dress and conduct themselves with the ladies or the job or the heist, as the case may be.

We've compiled a short list of some movies that give good style, and so the curtain parts for:

Oceans Eleven
This heist movie was a remake of the '60s Rat Pack film with the same name, and takes place in Vegas, so you know posh, glittery style abounds. Starring Brad Pitt, style master George Clooney, Andy Garcia, and Matt Damon, Oceans Eleven is good fashionable fun and a great comedy crime caper. (See the 1960 version too for a glimpse at the skinny-tie, buttoned-suit fashion of the day.)

The Godfather
The Godfather's fashionable don.

The Godfather
One of the best films ever in all of history, EVER. Then there's the double-breasted suits, felt hats, and impossibly shined shoes. This embodied gangster style before THERE WAS gangster style from some remarkable actors and shady characters.

Wall Street
Come on, Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen? Dressed to the nines in business suits and awesomeness? Sign us up.


This sci-fi thriller stars Leonard DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Caine and more, all impeccably tailored and styled. Apart from being a fun mind bender, Inception stars characters with charismatic style.

If you haven't yet seen this classic melodrama starring the suave swagger man, Humphrey Bogart, get thee to NetFlix.

Tomorrow Never Dies
James Bond – in all his incarnations – is an international man of style. This Pierce Brosnan version is particularly stylish.

James Dean
The Rebel Without a Cause “uniform.”

Rebel Without a Cause
Want some vintage, retro dressing inspiration? This James Dean film shows why his jeans-white-shirt-red-jacket combo inspired a nation of teens to dress down – fashionably.

What movies inspire your style?


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