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    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    The movie star is the charismatic individual who has a bright future in the entertainment industry. He’s either got “star quality”, or has a combination of acting chops and the X factor. The aspiring actor often goes through many trials and tribulations before he hits the tipping point in his fame and fortunes. He’s often the center of envy from other people who also wanted to pursue his true career.

    The movie star wasn’t always the STAR of a movie. In the history of Hollywood films, the “star” was easier to audiences to relate to than a movie company or a brand name. These days, an A-list movie star commands up to $20 million per movie.

    Example of how a movie star gets treated in Entourage:

    Avatar Profile

    Unique Style Qualities: Charismatic, usually very good looking, and can play up different characters. Looks good in a suit and in casual clothing.
    Common Clothing Items: Sun glasses, accessories, jeans, suits, leather
    Favorite Brands Designer Brands
    Style Attraction Switches (SAS) Lifestyle, Social Connections, Fame, Fortune, Public Identity, Story behind the scenes
    What Women Think:
    • He’s famous. And hot.
    • His character in X Movie was so convincing
    • He understands people
    Natural Habitat L.A., Hollywood, Movie sets, Universal Studios, Private planes, downtown New York, Fashion Shows, Sports arenas.

    Famous Examples

    Johnny Depp Movie Star
    Johnny Depp
    Robert Pattison Movie Star
    Robert Pattison


    The Movie star never achieved star level prominence until the late 1950s. Star power is relatively recent¬†phenomena, as the developed world moves from an industrial focused society to one that seems to be obsessed with personal fame and the lives of its “stars”. Stars are easier to relate to, and people look to them as cultural icons to emulate and relate to, in the midst of all the social conditioning. The movie star is the new avatar in the top social hierarchy of modern times. There is a price to pay: move stars enjoy fame and fortune and plenty of admiration, but they also face the paparazzi and invasions of their privacy on a daily basis. People judge them based on their public persona rather than who they really are.

    Natural Counterparts

    Movie Fan Girls
    Movie Buffs
    Teenage Girls
    Young Girls
    Female Movie Stars
    Female Movie Stars



    Vincent Chase Movie Star

    Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams


    The reality and grittier side of acting from veteran Al Pacino:

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