• Motor Response

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A skill that has been mastered to such a degree that it is unconscious and automatic.

    Full Definition:

    An mPUA is someone who has mastered the skills of pickup to the point where they have become motor responses. They are unconsciously competent in picking up women, and things like negs, calibration, and DHVs are second nature to them, rather than actions they have to think about to perform. The steps that one goes through to make new behaviors motor responses (from behavioral psychology) are outlined below:

    1. Unconsciously incompetent – an AFC who doesn’t know or is in denial about how bad he is with women.
    2. Consciously incompetent – a rAFC that admits he needs to work on this area of his life and is aware of his shortcomings.
    3. Consciously competent – a PUA who is able to get good results with women, but who must still consciously focus on the techniques he is applying.
    4. Unconsciously competent – an mPUA who has built up so much experience picking up women that the entire process comes naturally to him, with very little conscious effort on his part.


    If you practice enough, DQs and calibrating negs will become a part of your motor response.

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