Motivation Killers / Motivation Boosters

Quick Definition: Specific actions, activities, or anchors to things or people that the artist associates as either inspirational or depressing.

Full Definition:

Motivation boosters are usually things successful people build into their lives to boost their will in doing something. (E.g. a certain music track that inspires the individual, or a collage picture of the good life.) It could be the memory of a loved one, anchored in your thoughts as you think about the reason you go to your job and do the hard work that you do. Any successful person, including master PUAs, has motivational boosters in his or her life. You may not have the money for a city-wide view of San Francisco, but having one does motivate you to explore the beautiful city. Sometimes a YouTube video or a scene from a movie instills motivation to do something.

In our everyday lives, it is important to have an event or an object represent our future dreams and our ideals. This makes the self-improvement process much easier, and we stay longer in that “optimal flow” state, where the ego disappears and we become one with ourselves and the world.

Motivation Killers are equally potent, but destructive. Studies show that clinically depressed people tend to be de-motivated a lot more, and by more simpler things. This is due to an effect called “Rumination,” a concept explored by Dr. Martin Seligman in Learned Optimism. If you have friends that are often depressed or only say negative things about people or events, this is considered a motivational killer. Try to identify the things in your life that are motivational killers, and eliminate them to maintain a generally positive attitude.

Tony Robbins on Motivation Tools:

Also, it is important to note that sometimes tragedy hits, and we cannot control the things that happen to us. What we do have control over is our perception of these things and how we respond to them. A man who is being insulted by his boss or co-worker can easily lash back in retaliation. A classy gentleman, even if he is of lowly work status at the moment, can still respond with class and dignity. No one can ever take that away from you.

Many PUAs find videos such as these inspiring:



Man, my job is such a motivational killer. Maybe I should quit.

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