Mother Hen

Quick Definition: An overprotective woman who is often the most dominant member of a set, who will attempt to cock block the PUA if she is not befriended or otherwise defused. (See the definition for Alpha Female of Group.)

Full Definition:

Mother Hens are overly protective girlfriends and can be serious game-killers. They are different than regular friends, who are protective of their girls to the fair extent that any friend would protect one another.

Usually, the connotation of the mother hen is that she’s overly protective to the point of denying the friend her right to be sexual with the guy she’s with. Generally speaking, the mother hen’s behavior originates from several core problems. Addressing these problems can prevent serious cock-blocking later down the road:

  1. The mother hen is usually the less attractive one, over time, if her girl friends are always approached and she is not, she can develop an unhealthy outlook towards guys who choose her friend over her. This is a tough situation to be in because girls are so often judged by her looks.
  2. The mother hen may be having a bad day, and doesn’t want her girlfriends ditching her over some guy. In this instance, she’s being selfishly needy.
  3. Mother hens can be overly “uptight” and stick to a “moral code”, often using that as an excuse to get her girlfriends away from you.
  4. If you have a willing wing, introducing her to your friend smoothly can help defuse her antagonism.
  5. A girl can be rejected or recently broken up with by a guy and going through a “I hate guys” phase, don’t take this personally.

The general stereotype of the mother hen is a fatter, less attractive girl, although this is not always true. In field, we have experienced hot and ugly mother hens. It has more to do with how the girl views life and how she interprets certain life situations.

mother hen

A hot, insecure girl can be a mother hen just as much as a fat girl can.

Because guys can be douchebags, it is not inconceivable that generally speaking, mother hens tend to be the less attractive girls. Over long periods of time of being denied attention, or getting over-picked by her girls, it is just easier for her to develop a mother-hen complex. It is important to note, however that I have met super cool fat girls or less “attractive” girls who are perfectly cool with her girlfriends flirting with me. It all depends on character so don’t judge a book by its cover.

To get past the mother hen, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure:

  1. Be sure to introduce yourself to her and compliment sincerely
  2. Say something along the lines of “you’re a pretty cool friend”. It is hard for her to deny a complimentary frame
  3. Don’t have the mistake of making her think you’re hitting on her, then moving onto her friend. Pick a target and stick with it. If she just realized you’re ditching her for her friend, some very insecure behaviors will come up. How would you feel if you a girl came onto you, and then moved on to your friend?
  4. If all else fails, sometimes it is best to just talk to the friend and say, “do you want to talk to me? Give me your number let’s connect at a better time”

The Mother Hen

Pickup the Mother Hen, and the chicks will follow


The mother hen of the set was trying to CB me, but luckily my wing distracted her long enough for a #close.

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