Most Chicks Don’t Suffice (MCDS)

Quick Definition: A perception that some men have that most HBs he meets don’t interest him enough to pursue further.

Full Definition:

MCDS is an extreme scenario where a PUA is only interested in women who are extremely beautiful, intelligent, or have an extreme personality type, often to an unrealistic degree.

While it is good to be choosy to a degree, MCDS is usually a symptom of a larger problem.

Sometimes, it is an excuse, such as “I am picky” for the AFC/PUA not to do anything about their sex life. Other times, it is an extreme form of AA, whereby the PUA’s goals are so high as to avoid approaching medium HBs for practice, rather, always fearing and shooting for the ephemeral 10.

Other reasons for MCDS include having unrealistic expectations of what women should be, based on media portrayals of women as well as too much mental masturbation, with not enough field experience of what women are really like.

People who suffer from MCDS also typically suffer from poor social skills. Many PUAs find that once they learn how to achieve deep rapport with people, they are able to see the attractive qualities in all people. Everybody has some value to offer, but those with MCDS fail to realize it.


Richard has MCDS syndrome when he’s working on his wealth projects.

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Source: Fast Seduction

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