Mood Board

Mood boards are boards/posters that displays sketches, pictures, terms, colors, material swatches, etc., which help designers conceptualize fashion ideas.  Mood boards are not only for the benefit of the designer who makes them, but also for the staff that works with or for the designer. It should be noted that mood boards are used in a number of industries, and are not limited to use in fashion.  A mood board for Coach is shown below:

mood board fashion

For inspiration, I ask my students to come up with their own “dream boards”. These can include their desires and future goals, as well as fashion cut-outs of men and outfits they admire and look up to emulate. Have these up on your wall so that you are immersed in their imagery and energy on a daily basis. The best models are the ones that embody an ideal or a thought that transcends their own humanity.

My own dream board includes: Casey Affleck in a suit, Barrack Obama, Jeremy Piven, and several guy models shooting with Claudia Schiffer.


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