Monogamy (PUA)

Quick Definition: The PUA defines this as a fulfilling relationship with a girl of your choosing.

Full Definition:

Most people assume (even those in the community) that the goal is to grow a harem and sleep with hot girls forever. In reality, the game teaches you how to get girls so that option to sleep with girls on a limitless basis is available to you. For most of my friends who are coaches, a rewarding relationship is far better than sleeping with girls non-stop. Most guys are not aware of this. As Style says in The Game, “winning the game is leaving it”.

The point of learning game is that the choice of monogamy is up to the player, and his choice is never based on a fear of losing a girl or a lack of abundance. Instead, his priority really comes down to whether he wants to be in a relationship, and if he is in love with the girl of his choice.

adam lyons and amanda
Nick Kho, Adam Lyons and others have trained to bceome PUA coaches, and subsequently married the love of their lives

Owen Cook explains one way of looking at relationships and how to make them work for you, instead of following mass “group think”. Monogamy is not always bad:

Usage: Monogamy is a choice, use it to your advantage and make it a choice with a great girl.

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