Moment of Decision

Quick Definition: A moment in time full of emotions when the artist has a fundamental core identity shift and decides on the path of his life going forward.

Full Definition:

A lot of PUAs face a moment of decision to take the leap into the seduction community. Being a PUA isn’t easy. The negative connotation itself means that the user has admitted he needs help with women. Yet, many of these same individuals come out on top a few years later, becoming masters of their own emotional life instead of slaves to it. As on PUA says, “maybe Mark Twain was a PUA?”

“Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.” ― Mark Twain

Usually, a moment of decision is reached after someone experiences their emotional breaking point. Their current reality shatters after an event, and they are usually forced to discover to new or deeper truth. This doesn’t happen naturally, as human nature’s natural tendency is to seek comfort. However, some ambitious individuals may deliberately put themselves on this path in hopes of transforming and changing, and bringing new meaning to their lives.


(Spoiler Warning for Gundam Wing Endless Waltz)

Hero makes a decision to sacrifice himself to end the war.


JDog just had a moment of decision, and he made the decision that only he could make.

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