• Modus Operandi (MO)

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: Refers to one’s general philosophy, patterns of operation, and underlying motivations for doing things the way they do.

    Full Definition:              

    “What’s his M.O.?”

    So the story goes in detective and crime movies. Originally derived from latin, “Modus Operandi” translates to “method of operating” or “M.O.” for short in English. An MO is based on a person’s general pattern of thinking and how that mode of thinking affects his process for a certain type of activity.

    For example, some guys want to get laid no matter what. In this instance, their MO is sex oriented. They may cave at a girl’s demands or, worse, put up with bad behavior, such as taking rude drunk girls home. Their whole method and process resolves around getting lays. This is not good or bad. Their pattern of thinking has them acting out their desires to get more girls in bed.

    Another PUA’s MO may be to screen for girlfriend material. In this case, he may only do day game or heavily qualify club girls. His MO is based on finding a long term girlfriend, not a casual lay. His pattern of thinking is based on long term companionship, and therefore his MO is different than the casual lay guy.

    MOs can change over time in a person as he re-aligns and realizes his real value. The stronger one’s core values are, the more reliable his MO tends to be in alignment with who he is.

    Part of a great trial lawyer’s job is to plant, explore and discuss the real MO of its witnesses:

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