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    Quick Definition: Men or PUAs who specialize in dating models or girls who look like models.

    Full Definition:

    Since the goal of success with women is to get the women that men want, and models are commercial representations of the public’s most desired females, it is no surprise that many PUAs aspire to date models. In the celebrity world, certain figures are known to date models exclusively, or more regularly than other girls. Leonardo DiCaprio, with Giselle and Bar Rafaeli. Lenny Kravitz and Adriana Lima, the list goes on.

    Most PUAs just want to find a girl that is hot enough for him, while meeting the other criteria for personality and love. To the extent that the skill level is required to date models, all things being equal, the man has to be an equal amount of value for her. Whether that value is superficial or “core” is based on his own perception of himself, and the female model’s perception of the world. At the end of the day, there has to be within limits a boundary of the perceived value both parties are getting from the relationship.

    example of celebrity modelizers

    Nonetheless, the goal of a modelizer is to date the most beautiful women in the world, as perceived by the masses and mass media, and can be one of the overarching goals for an aspiring PUA.

    Tyra warns the new girl model

    Sex And The City explore show normal women feel about Modelizers


    Dude you’re officially a modelizer now

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