Modeling can either refer to professional or amateur modeling.  Modeling can be done for runway shows, catalogues or other mediums.  Interestingly enough, but not always thought of, modeling can be done for certain body parts, e.g. hand or leg modeling, to market products like lotions, shaving razors, etc.  While professional modeling can open a lot of doors for models, and be exciting, it is a very demanding career.

Models are essentially spokespeople for the fashions that they model and thus become representatives for various brands.  They are salespeople.  Regardless of whether a model is a male or a female, modeling requires professionalism and the ability to adapt to new situations, particularly stressful ones.  Quick clothing changes for runway shows, unpredictable hiring patterns based on physical trends for models, etc. makes modeling a difficult but rewarding profession.  Modeling can provide people with the means to travel all over the world and meet new people.

While models don’t necessarily have to fit a certain look – aesthetic appeal depends on the needs and desires of the designer or brand – but typically speaking, female runway models need to be at least 5’10.  Male models tend to be at least 5’11 or 6’0.  Their build tends to be fit, but not overly muscular. The look of a model must by the nature of the business correspond to the nature and aesthetic of the brand.

For example, A jeans company that caters to farmers will likely feature men with a rugged look to give that rugged individualist look.  Modeling is in many ways an artistic and a a marketing job combined.  Naturally it is a marketing job because the purpose of modeling is to showcase fashions to a broader audience who will hopefully like what they see and go to stores and purchase the fashions.  Modeling is an artistic job in the sense that by virtue of modeling often times beautiful and intricate garments, the model becomes as elevated and rich as the clothes he or she wears.  Modeling demands that models can perform both functions exceptionally well and consistently. Doing so makes money.

Modeling Mens Walkway
Modeling Womens White Dress Walkway
Modeling Womens White Dress on Walkway

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