Model Game

Quick Definition: A particular segment of game that deals with bedding and seducing models.

Full Definition:

Model game refers to gaming exceptionally beautiful women. There are certain similarities of model game to regular game, as well as distinct differences. Obviously, exceptions apply to generalizations.

Most guys will put models on pedestals, even PUAs because of their exceptionally good looks. However, a model is also a girl and just like any girl picked randomly from the demographic area she will be different psychologically. It is important to understand her culture and upbringing more than her model status. Is she a good girl? Bad girl? Innocent? Intelligent? Dorky? These things will show themselves to you over time.

Generally speaking, guys make these mistakes with models:

  1. If they are not used to seeing beautiful faces, guys will flinch or overreact or not know how to express their emotions in front of girl models.
  2. Guys will treat them extremely well, and put them on a pedestal
  3. They assume lots of guys are hitting them up. This depends on the “player” status of the girl model
  4. Guys assume she’s already taken
  5. Guys are too intimated to even approach her

Generally speaking, gaming a model is easier if:

  1. You’re already part of the industry or her social circle (commonality)
  2. You are super authentic and treat her like any other girl
  3. In the case of more superficial models, you may need to run negs, depending on the situation. Basically, Mystery’s M3 rules applied to the hottest girls in the club. These rules can now apply to models who are glamorized often in fashion shows
  4. You see her more than once, or have more time with her to see past her looks
  5. You DHV quickly, either via superficial stuff or more authentic conversation or displays of your inner character
  6. Are persistent, without displaying neediness or lower value.

female models

Cameron Russell talks about being a model:

Usage: Model game is a bit different than regular daygame.

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