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Mode One shows you the best MODE to operate in, when attracting, seducing and interacting with women. It also highlights the 3 other modes you should acknowledge and avoid. In this book Alan Roger Currie has created the Four Modes of Verbal Communication.


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Alan Roger Currie walks you through four modes men typically operate in. The contents describes these four modes straight up:

  • CHAPTER ONE – Breaking Through The “Small Talk” Barrier: Why We Approach And Interact With Women In The First Place
  • CHAPTER TWO – Manipulative “Game Playing”: Why Men Frequently Feel Angry, Frustrated, And Bitter Towards Women
  • CHAPTER THREE – The Men who Exhibit Mode TWO Behavior: The “Pleasant Postponers”
  • CHAPTER FOUR – The Men who Exhibit Mode THREE Behavior: The “Phony Pretenders”
  • CHAPTER FIVE – The Men who Exhibit Mode FOUR Behavior: The “Misogynistic Revenge Seekers”
  • CHAPTER SIX – Casual Sex VS Relationships: “Wholesome Pretenders” and “Erotic Hypocrites”
  • CHAPTER SEVEN – The “Other” Fear: The “Alpha Male Syndrome” and The Fear Of Being “Player Hated”
  • CHAPTER EIGHT – The Men who Exhibit MODE ONE Behavior: The “Self-Assured Straightshooters”

Other Books I Would Recommend

Of course Mode One is the recommended method of communication to achieve the most  success with women with the least amount of trouble. This book asks you to (and gives you permission to) be completely honest and upfront about your intentions.  It’s in telling the truth that you will succeed.

  • Don’t pretend you just want to be friends with them if that’s not really what you want
  • If you want casual sex, say so
  • If you want to date and explore a relationship, say so

Mode Two behavior shows how you may have been playing the nice guy before declaring what you want. You might waste time going on a few dates until you think she likes you, then you tell her what you’re really interested in. Pleasant post-poner has an overly cautious and lengthy plan of attack.

Mode Three illustrates guys who never approach women or reveal their intentions. Phony pretender use their material possessions or other status symbols to buy attention, luring only women who are looking to take advantage of such a man.

Mode Four or Misogynistic Revenge Seeking occurs when a man becomes angry, frustrated and bitter about his lack of success with women and so seeks revenge on a particular woman or women in general. He waits until his chances are blown and then communicates his desires, then acts to hurt or shame the woman.

According to Currie, most guys operate in Modes Two or Three out of fear. Rejection, being ignored, being perceived a certain way and others that stop men from being honest about what they want.

If you use Mode One you will actually get rejected more than before…

But this is a good thing, as not all women out there are right for you, and that you need to get rejected to help you find the women who are a good match for you. Why invest time and money in a woman that is not attracted to you and just taking what you will give?

He argues that it’s actually more manipulative to be excessively complimenting women’s looks and spending money on them, to try and get them into bed with you. Then you are being the manipulative one and that can end in game over.

Currie says many women are actually aroused by a man who can confidently state what he wants and make no apologies for it. He says women are so unaccustomed to men being honest with them, that when they meet a guy who can express his intentions in a no nonsense manner, it’s a big turn on. Currie shows you the benefits of being totally honest with women as well as making you aware of the reactions you are likely to receive.

Limitations Of This Book

There aren’t any practical examples presented here so you’ll already need experience with approaching and flirting with women. Also this approach isn’t useful for all situations, and you’ll have to decide for yourself when you need to be more subtle and indirect.

It takes a fairly high level of self-confidence to make Mode One communication work. It’s not just telling a woman that you want her that’s the hard part, it’s also dealing with how she responds to this. Expect to be tested, a lot, for being so brash. The key is to not back down, don’t apologise for being honest. Unfortuntely Currie offers no advice on how to not back down.

The Best Bit

Mode One has good reader reviews, applauding using honesty as a pick up method. Its refreshing and authentic and a philosophy for living as well as a method for picking up women. It encourages you to base your self-esteem on who you are now, be genuine and see what happens. The book teaches you only have control over how you behave towards women, and how you allow them to behave towards you. Thus breaking the manipulation game you may be currently experiencing.

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