Mixed Set Openers

Context: An old MM thread on mixed set openers

Style: Can anyone suggest good openers for approaching groups of girls and guys. Preferably it’s an opener to use with the guys. It’s gotta be one that doesn’t make you seem gay, but at the same time demonstrates some value and leads into meeting the girls in the group.

1. “It’s interesting that when you have a group of four or more people together like this, the tallest always stands across from the shortest.” – alter as needed.
2. “Who are you people?”
3. “Who is the leader here?” (They all point) Say playfully to leader, “What qualifies you to be in charge?” “Do you know what alpha means?”
4. “Do you guys want to see a magic trick? Alright, close your eyes.” (Take cute girl by the hand away from the group while everybody’s eyes are closed. Do not return.)
5. “You see that group over there? They said they are more fun than your group. Please prove to me they are mistaken.”
6. “Where have I seen you guys before? Were you at so and so’s party? The one where the stripper gave a lap dance to the clown.”
7. “I bet I can use my Psychic powers to figure out how everybody knows each other. Mmmmm let’s see. I am getting a vibe. Yes there it is. You are all members of the same nudist club. I can tell because you are very comfortable with each other but not comfortable with your clothes. (Whisper to girl) “Which guy is the biggest?” “Really, I would have never guessed. Of course it is what you do with it that counts. Which would you prefer? A guy with a big dick or a guy with a medium dick and five years of massage school?”
8. “You should know you are standing on sacred Indian ground. The legend is that the Nodrogyar tribe used this very spot to sacrifice virgins. Where you are standing sir(point) is where the tribal women would prepare the honored girl by rubbing her bare body with scented oils…”
9. Approach one group member. Make friends. get that person to introduce you to everybody else.
10. “You guys aren’t a bad looking group but you could be better if you applied some Feng Shui.
11. “Hi, I’m CPowles10” (Shake the hands of those closest to you – but not everyone) “So what are you guys talking about?” Do this right and they will all presume you know someone else in the group. If you get called on it you just look like a bold confident man.
12. “Okay, who’s been naughty and who’s been nice?”

Conclusion: It’s all in the attitude. You can say almost anything as long as you are fun, interesting and bold. They will respect that.

Alessandro: ALWAYS: Dis the girls and ask the guys for confirmation. You already have a rapport with the guys, you are a man like them, so don’t make it an obvious male competition, more like “Us vs Them”, make them side with you and attack the chicks. Be careful, some “guys” are actually severed by AFCdom and are actually gays or approaching. Don’t talk to those. But if you think he is a sociable normal man, then go like this, for example: “Hahahaha, did you see what she did? dude, i think these girls are crazy, why do they always do …. “If he doesn’t join you to bash them, be warned, he might be a sensitive fruity. Cut him one more slack, and see if he comes forth: “Oh my my, I mean, when was the last time you saw a guy do … this is funny …. and they call us …” Incidentally, you can act like the “testing” authority, where you signal him in advance before you approach the group, to let him know you are friendly, then act like you are “testing” one of the girls (think IQ test) Just tab him in the back and go straight to the girls you want. Ask the questions you want, and whenever they answer you, nod at the guy(s), like “i told you so”. Make the whole thing, like you are proving a point to the guys, and just “testing” the girls. If you wanna make it a drama, tell the guys “not to help them” just before you ask the question. Girls are good at playing dumb and childish, and they will play this role at the slightest chance or playful competition, and they love riddles. I actually extracted a girl like this, and gave her all the attention in the world later on, and actually took her seriously. The contrast between my public and private behavior was enough SOI, and she figured I was there all along just to PU her, boy did she reward me.

LoveDrop: If it’s one girl with many guys, try asking “What’s so great about her?”
o Negs her.
o Gets all the guys to start supplicating to her.

Haa! Also I suppose this could work in various other group types as well.

Richard Morrell: Count the number of people in the group(say N). Say out loud “Don’t you guys know that ‘N’ is an unlucky number?” Then add “Good thing I’m here otherwise you would all be cursed to damnation.”