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    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    author: “Mystery
    date: Sun, 13 Sep 1998 04:00:00 GMT
    newsgroup: alt.seduction.fast
    subject: MISSION for NEWBIES…Now is the time to stop Babe-watching. Get into a fun mood (which I know is hard for the very first girl but you can fake it) and walk up to many girls

    I undertand that internal challenge many newbies feel. I must deal with many emotions before during and after I go out to meet girls. Before is loneliness. Sometimes I just want to stay in and mope. So I must FORCE myself to SOLVE the emotion and not just lie there. During, I am in that AWARE state where the girls make me feel so weird and I have to deal with that to act normal and in control. And then afterwards, if I go home with nothing, I must have the strength to know that I am working with probabilities and know that by looking only at this day I am blinding myself to the big picture.

    Now is the time to stop Babe-watching. Get into a fun mood (which I know is hard for the very first girl but you can fake it) and walk up to many girls (ugly or not) and say, “Hi.” Remember to smile when you approach. Then … and here is the best part, say any non-stereotypical opening line (INTRO scripting) you would like and then after what-ever banter you began with, say, ‘Pleasure meeting you” and walk off with a smile and a skip to your walk.

    Example: girl is there. shes only a 7. walk up and say, “Hi. Did you know elvis prestley dyed his hair? what was his original hair color? Guess? Nope, blond. Isnt that odd? Pleasure meeting you.” Leave. Dont be a goof and over animate yourself. Be natural and fun and in a good mood.

    Now, do that to EVERY girl you can. Ugly or not. You will meet many girls, and get over your intro fear. Well actually, you wont ever get OVER it, but you will learn to PRETEND you dont have it.

    THAT is your mission. I would like you to do this and yes, this is going to be a different day than you’ve done before. The past does not have to equal the future. If you keep doing the things you’ve done then you’ll keep getting the things you’ve gotten – and that is NO GIRLS. This is your mission. Talk to 20 women in one day. Go ALONE. Do not antimidate girls by having friends with you. Not 1 or 2 girls either. 20. That is a realistic #. If you feel it isnt, then Im telling you now you are completely wrong and your emotions are fighting you. You will CONTROL these emotions head on.

    As for the Go For It attitude, this will only come AFTER the first success in the day. You have to work DESPITE not having this emotion for the first one. AND if the first one doesnt come off as if you are a fun guy, then you still wont feel good. But if you FINALLY get a fun response, then your success with give you the GO For It attitude to now go to the next 18 girls.

    This is the only TRICK to getting the attitude you wish. Too bad you can’t get it for the very first, but if you could easily do it, then every other guy could too and that wouldnt be a good thing for you any more. All the other guys would have gotten to the girls first. Remember, they always go up and act like typical GUYS. How many walk up and smile and be fun and then just leave without hitting? Again, this is your MISSION and I expect this to occur THIS week. Post your results in detail here.

    No stop reading and get out there and meet 20 strangers for fun. You’ll learn alot. tell us what you learned.


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