• Miss Jaiya

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Miss Jaiya
    Real Name: Jaiya
    Affiliation: Sex Educator @ New World Sex Education
    Website: http://www.missjaiya.com

    Miss Jaiya thrives on teaching a man what to do once they’ve picked up the girl. She is an award-winning sexologist that teaches both men and women how to open up their sexuality and achieve the sex lives that they so deserve. Jaiya teaches students from personal experience how to break through and overcome their sexual issues. By using an open approach, Jaiya helps educate men and women about the true meaning and beauty of sex, something high school teachers and naïve parents failed at. Jaiya aims to show students that sex isn’t something dirty or wrong, yet a thing of beauty and a sign of good health.


    “Research shows it takes 10,000 hours to master something. If you want to be a master lover you better start now.”

    “Essentially, I hope that every woman is touched in a way that she wants to be touched.”



    miss jaiya

    Jaiya on YouTube:

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