• Misogynist

    by AlphaWolf & Co.
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    Quick Definition: A self proclaimed PUA who, in truth, hates, distrusts, or is otherwise prejudiced against women.

    Full Definition:

    With the advent of tactical and “tricky” PUA tactics in 2007-2012, PUAs have been confused about how to view women. As friends, or enemies? A lot of the lessons we have learned focus around breaking down her shields and going for the lay no matter what.

    While this can be positive in terms of developing pickup skills, a lot of times guys get lost in the process and sometimes, secretly actually hate women. The worst ones are the ones that are actually charismatic and successful. But, each lay was another conquest, another barrier to break. The misogynist cares not for the women or the person in front of him, he simply sees them as objects of conquest.

    A lot of “players” are considered misogynists, but this is a common misconception. A player can be good or bad – he simply knows how to play the game. A good player is often known as a “seducer”, or as Zan calls it, “Amorata” – the embodiment of love. “When I am with a girl. I am WITH. Her. Nothing else in the world matters.” A misogynist, on the other hand ,is thinking about the next move, or how other people will perceive his latest conquest. He cares not for women, but only for himself.

    In your journey to learn the game, do not fall into the trap of the misogynist.

    Usage: Terry is a misogynist, don’t follow his example.

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    1 comment

    Expua May 14, 2018 - 5:52 am

    Everyone talking about traps and how to avoid a misogynist, but noone actually tells how to deal with it within yourself.
    The older and more successful I get, the less I respect people who don’t possess qualities I respect.
    With women it’s the worst, since I need them to deal with my sexual desires I’m always in a position of asking.
    Thing is – the seduction game. It’s always the same, women are always dull, shit testing you and honestly not even interesting. Of course, I have exceptions, quiet a few, but this bitch shield many, beautiful of them have just makes me naturally counter-react.
    Maybe I’m falling for the same bait over and over again, but it’s natural, so if I’m not consciously working on that I expect a bad interaction.

    Articles on how to deal with this will make more sense, than this bullshit. Believe me, it’s no fun living as a woman hater.


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