• Mis-Calibrated

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: An incorrect calibration that was made in response to something the target said or did.

    Full Definition:

    Mis-calibration is how PUAs learn. It is a ACTION that you took from an observation. This is where the lessons are made, so don’t lose the lesson. For example, if a girl says,

    “I don’t like sushi” in response to, “have you ever been to blow fish?”

    The PUA can say a couple of things in response based on his knowledge of game:

    1. Who ever said anything about sushi?
    2. Anyway, my friend and I were there last night and we had a blast dancing

    In each one of these cases, the answer can change depending on the tone of the girl’s voice, her body language, where her eye is looking, and what was said before and after that line. Calibrating correctly is the key.

    Generally speaking, you want to maintain a frame of I’m a cool guy and I’m here to have fun, who are you? I hope you’re interesting. You shouldn’t take shit from anyone, and can playfully dish out any “harmful” glances or quips about what you’re saying. This is called social dexterity.

    example of miscalibration of girls towards guys who have no clue

    Mis-calibration is good, unless you’re always mis-calibrating to the same event. You may lose the set, but don’t lose the lessons. Most of your hard-won lessons and skill set will come from mis-calibrations that show you what you did wrong and reveal the right path on your reference experience map.

    Usage: I mis-calibrated to her shit test when it really wasn’t a shit test and she got mad at me.

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