Quick Definition: The act of mimicking the other person’s body language, speaking patterns, and eye contact for the purpose of building rapport and familiarity.

Full Definition:

A psychology term, mirroring happens very naturally when people are conversing. When people are in rapport with one another, their body language tends to automatically match each other. Some PUAs purposely mirror a woman’s body language, in an attempt to mirror rapport, while others believe that consciously mirroring another person can come across as incongruent.

In social psychology studies, scientists have noted that the alpha male is usually the one being mirrored. For example, when the talk show host Larry King is interviewing someone who is relatively unknown, the person is seen mirroring King’s pacing and tonality more. When the person visiting is famous and/or powerful, such as President Clinton, King mirrors their speech pattern more. It is important to note the power difference in mirroring, although the core effect and goal of this phenomenon is ultimately to connect with another human being.


She was mirroring my  movements once I was able to get enough attraction.

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