Quick Definition: A period in game where the girl and the artist are getting to know each other and the core identities are being revealed.

Full Definition:

“Who are you, really? is the tagline of most mid-game scenarios. Unless it was a SNL or instant pull, most women need some level of comfort—she wants to know exactly who the guy is before deciding to sleep with him.

As opposed to end game, mid-game is filled with personal questions, while the feeling of attraction is still present. The usual “what do you do for work” works because they are not asked in the beginning and attraction has been established (this theory is based on the M3 model of game).

The mid-game in chess is also a period where chess players get to differentiate their strategies and show off their true feelings about the game. Similarly, this is where most guys differ in game based on who they are, their family, their core values, and so forth.

Mid-game can be longer or shorter depending on many factors such as time bridges, the number of locations, the time of the date or event, and so forth. Getting from mid-game to end-game can happen very smoothly; usually the artist is the one that needs to lead the escalation in a way that is comfortable for the woman.


Midgame is often the most revealing part of the seduction process in terms of character development.

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