Micro Expressions

Quick Definition: A very brief facial expression that displays a concealed emotion.

Full Definition:

According to the psychologist Dr. Paul Ekman, there are seven kinds of universal facial expressions. These are: anger, fear, surprise, disgust, sadness, happiness/enjoyment, and contempt. And according to Dr. Ekman, micro expressions are very brief facial expressions, usually lasting 1/25th and 1/15th of a second, that occur when a person deliberately or inadvertently hides an emotion he or she is feeling.

Female facial expressions
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According to Dr. Paul Ekman, there are several benefits of educating yourself about micro expressions. Some of which are also extremely relevant to a pickup artist.

Empathy – By being able read a woman’s micro expressions you can understand how she is feeling at any given point in your interaction and empathize with her. For example, just as you approach her if you notice a micro expression of fear on her face, you will be able to empathize with that fear and take step back to smile and put her at ease.

RapportWomen respond powerfully when they are with a man who can pickup on the emotions they’re feeling; especially the ones that aren’t overtly expressed. Having this skill of recognizing micro expressions will help you build better rapport and enjoy much stronger connections with women.

Social skills – Being able to cue in on subtle social cues is an important skill of a pickup artist. For instance, by learning to recognize micro expressions you will be able to spot when a target’s friend flashes a momentary expression of jealousy and handle the situation by including her in the conversation.

For more reading on micro expressions, visit Paul Ekman’s website at – www.paulekman.com

Example of Mitt Romney’s micro expressions and explanations after 9:00:

Usage: The ability to understand micro expressions made him a much more socially aware human being.

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