• Metal(lic) Fibers

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Metal fibers are often used for weaving and needlepoint.  Women’s evening wear, including but not limited to dresses, have increasingly begun to have metal fibers.  In addition, cold weather clothing such as jackets, coats, even snow pants and boots are composed to some extent out of metal fibers.  Metal fibers are often twisted and knit into sweaters, pants, and other garments for both men and women.  Metallic fibers can also be used with other fabrics in order to create synthetic fibers that can be used for garments.  Metal fibers are also used in furniture upholstery as well as carpets and elaborate rugs, e.g. Persian rugs.

    metallic fiber suit jacket

    Timely examples of garments that are partially made out of metal fibers were the women’s U.S. gymnastics team leotards.   Additionally, the sprinting suits for the men and women’s track and field teams also have metal fibers in them.  Metal fibers can add extra flare or style to a uniform, or jersey as well. In recent years, designing houses such as Gucci have increased their use of metal fibers in garments, especially in evening wear blazers.  The trend of using metal fibers in blazers possibly exploded in approximately 2004, when urban designer and rapper P. Diddy wore a lot of metallic looking suits and blazers.  Before 2004, metallic suits were being worn, but they were not as trendy as they have been the past decade.  With these suits and outfits, he would often pair them with white, black or other appropriate solid-colored shirts to complement the suits.  Women also have similar suits available to them if they desire.

    metallic fiber suit jacket on fashion runway

    metallic fiber suit jacket

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