Meta Game / Meta Frame


Quick Definition: The concept that game is more than just the actual conversation, but a whole series of events and correlating forces that govern the nature of the interaction with the girl.

Full Definition:

According to AFC Adam, Metagame is “the idea that meeting someone isn’t just about the way you speak to them in the interaction but rather an understanding of the events and situations in the immediate vicinity to that interaction and potentially preceding it. Understanding and affecting these can be a core principle in attracting your ideal partner.”

(See entourage game and pre-selection).

An example is, if an unknown PUA uses a well known line and the girl is feeling a bit negative towards him, a new PUA can easily blow him out by saying, “is that a pickup line?” or worse “are you guys pickup artists?” He’s taking advantage of the surrounding situation even before he begins gaming the girl.

Example of Hitch doing a similar metagame play here:


n/a – concept

Related Terms: Frame, Social Circle, Pivot, Wing, FPUA,

Source: AFC Adam

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