Quick Definition: When a guy is jealous of another guy because of some perceived advantage in game or life.

Full Definition:

Menvy exists because jealousy is a basic human emotion. Guys get jealous of each other too. Sometimes, a guy feels that another guy who is better looking gets hotter girls. These jealousies manifest itself subconsciously, and over time, can come out in very unhealthy ways. At 17:00, Tyler talks about how these perceived weaknesses actually force you to learn lifelong skill sets that other guys who “had it” didn’t. A lot of the coolest guys in high school were just that – they peaked in highschool, and never went anywhere after that.

The “stereotype” of the 6 foot tall white male model, while it is reality set according the group-think, can be a “gold at the end of the rainbow” process when we all wish we had the “social permission” to be the coolest looking dude. But in reality, there’s always something that we can do to win. As Kanye west said recently in a GQ magazine interview, “Jay just wins. With me, you see the right, and then the win later, after a lot of drama. With Jay, you just see the wins. I have to be more like him in that aspect.”


If a hot girl rejects you, find another hot girl to make her jealous. Find that 9 or 10 that likes you. Game her properly. Be the man you’re supposed to be. Win.

The RSD Crew talks about why some men have envy against others @18:30, and how to laugh at yourself and overcome it:

Tyler talks more about this Menvy situation:


You’re so getting menvy right now with Austin and Trevor

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