• Mental Conditioning

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The repetitive excercise of your mental muscles to become conditioned to a certain stimulus, even if it may be against an instinctual biological response.

    Full Definition:
    Starting out as an artist isn’t easy. Your mind may be stuck in a certain state or way of thinking. The patterns go around and around in your head and it becomes difficult to break out of established daily¬†routines. In the TV show “Breakthrough” the first thing Tony did was to bring his guests out their regular habitat. In traveling to Fiji to see him, they are already removed from the anchors that condition them to behave a certain way.

    Even so, their repeated patterns of behavior towards family members and each other still remain. This is where the mental conditioning begins for Tony to rewire the way his clients perceive certain things in their lives.

    As a PUA, the first mental conditioning starts with this awareness of the underlying biological S&R motives for people. Then, he must train his mind to engage in conversation and proper, effective communication with women. He then must become a master of his non-verbal communication, as it relates to women and power. To become a master PUA, one must mentally condition himself to not feel fear, or act in the face of the fear of the approach. This is what it means to be a true seducer.

    Example to Tony Robbins explaining Mental Conditioning and Peak State Performance:


    You have to mentally condition yourself to approach strangers

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