• Men's Must Haves (According to Women): Accessories

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Guest post by Debbie Anderson.

    We're back! And this time, we asked some stylish women which accessories they'd recommend (or even better, buy) the men in their lives.

    Just so you know, price was not discussed, so consider this a wish list of items or a a template of cool. Most times, you can find a similar style for less on sale or at overstock outlets.

    Meanwhile, here's “the list:”

    A Classic Wallet with Cool Accents

    Us women are so complicated, aren't we? Right when you think you have us figured out, we throw a curveball. What, for instance is a “classic wallet with cool accents?” Classic, sure. With cool accents? WHAT?

    Check it out:

    Carbon Fiber Wallet From Ralph Lauren

    Carbon Fiber Wallet From Ralph Lauren. Photo: RalphLauren.com

    See? Clean lines, quality materials, even stitching, but with a twist. The woven pattern gives this ubiquitous piece a pop, and by carrying it, you're the coolest guy on the planet (according to my panel of five women).

    Sunglasses That Aren't Ray-Bans

    Yes we love Ray-Bans, but everyone has them. Want a pair of cool sunglasses that are a little less everywhere? Try these:

    Oliver Peoples Copter 62

    Oliver Peoples Copter 62.
    Photo: Barneys.com

    Titanium frames with a unique double-wrapped edge and sand-quartz-colored lenses. The same, but different. And they'll work with everything you wear.

    A Watch with Pizzazz

    Here we go again! But just look first:

    Mens Citizen Eco Drive Calibre 2100 Watch in Stainless Steel

    Mens Citizen Eco Drive Calibre 2100 Watch in Stainless Steel.
    Photo: Amazon.com

    See, you got your traditional steel strap and black face, yet this watch sports cool design details like numerous sub-dials and luminous clock hands. And the best part is the watch charges in natural or artificial light. You can wear this piece to work or on a date and it's just as pizzazz-y.

    A Bag That's Not a Briefcase or Man Satchel

    We've seen you at the gym or somewhere away for the weekend with your clothes stuffed in a shopping bag or nylon duffel with an NFL logo. We'd like to see you carry something more…manly.

    How about this (please)?

    Novel from Herschel Supply

    Novel Duffel from Herschel Supply.
    Photo: HerschelSupply.com

    Well structured, well made, and well designed. The size is perfect for quick getaways or the gym, even, and the leather accents and striped fabric put it over the top. Also, there's a shoe compartment! That part may only excite the ladies.

    All of these accessories are versatile, basic (for the most part), and quality-made. And even better: they're women-approved. Doesn't get much better than that.

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