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    As the chilly months come in, there’s no better excuse to upgrade your look with a hat. That’s your excuse but truth be known, anytime is hat time these days and it’s a great way to set yourself apart from the mob. A hat calls attention and yet kind of adds mystery at the same time -why do you think so many Hollywood stars are never snapped by the pap without their signature hats?

    So, here’s a look at 3 stars and what their hats are saying about them.

    mens hat johhny depp felt hat

    Mens’ hats Johnny Depp the Felt Hat

    Johnny Depp is so irresistible to women that half his style is about turning them off– treat’em mean and keep’em keen. Depp is the king of anti-style with his unkept hair and glasses.  The more he doesn’t try the more they want him. The hat also says eccentric and intellectual- he has taken to quoting philosophy in interviews recently.

    mens hats Will Smith beret

    Mens hat Will Smith beret

    Will Smiths natural comfy beret says “I’m a good guy, I could be a bad guy but I choose to be a good guy.” It’s fun, stylish but not too risky. This is the hat the dapper old grandpas wore half a century ago and it’s the hat that guys with heaps of swagger are bringing back.

    mens hats chris hemsworth beanie

    Mens hats Chris Hemsworth The Beanie

    Again Chris Hemsworth is pretending to be hiding but really drawing attention to his masculinity. The beanie is also the favorite of Colin Farrel and was the favorite of Health Ledger. It’s cheap, it squishes up in your travel bag and it’s rugged.  The beanie is the ‘real man’s hat’ so it’s an appropriate choice for the Thor star, who ironically is carrying his tiny baby in this picture, and still look any woman would want to follow him home.

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