• Men's Hair Trends, 2013

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Guest post by Debbie Anderson

    There's some big changes in men's hair this season. In fact, it's one of the most “creative” years for men's upper third we've see in in awhile. Pretty much anything goes, which means the look for 2013 is asymmetrical, messy and unexpected, except when it's not. That's because men's hair trends this year are diverging along two paths: controlled “tousled” and slick straight. So to sum up? We're seeing hair that's either short or shaved at the top or thick and longer on the top.

    Here's what's happening trend-wise:


    Faux” hawks: this is hair that's top heavy with a peak or “jag” at the top. This is an edgier look and is usually cut with thin sides and waves left on top.

    straight blow back

    Straight blow back: this look is what it sounds like – hair is blown in a sleek “windblown” fashion away from the forehead. This is the kind of hair you usually see on male models.

    Top crop

    Layered top crop

    Layered top-crop: this cut comes with severely cut sides and voluminous layers on the top. The “spiky cut” version of this is how it sounds – cut sides with low-key spikes on top held in place with product.

    Sleek side part

    Sleek side-part: this is flat side-combed hair separated by a precision part.

    long and textured

    Long and textured: long hair is still in and is cut with layers for movement.

    Buzz cut

    Buzz cut: this look is always in, year to year.

    The key words for men's hair in 2013? Retro and classic with a twist. More long-on-top cuts seem to be the rage, but really, you can rock any cut as long as you were it with confidence.

    Whatever look you choose is YOUR look as long as it's a cut that suits your personality, hair texture and face. Plus, don't forget the gels, lotions, and styling creams. It takes a village to keep this season's looks in place.

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