Mens Hair Styles 101

As a tall Asian dude I always had one thing to count on, even when I no clue about style and that was my hair. Always full and thick, it could be slicked back or hanging with a middle split. I want to talk about the basics of hair today. Not body hair, just head hair.

mens hair styles
Different types of men's hairstyles

Generally speaking, men's hair styles have not evolved as much as women's. There are also differences between ethnicity when it comes to hair texture and calibration:

  • Asian men hair is thicker and more coarse than other hair styles. It can be straight although its density makes it more likely to be slightly curly.
  • Middle Eastern men hair is generally think and curly
  • Caucasian men hair is thinner, blonde being the thinnest strand. There are different types of Caucasian hair depending on the genetics and skin type of the man.
  • Black men hair is often coarse and very curly and different to straighten
Straight vs. Curly Hair
The debate is still out on this one, although the modeling industry as of late tends to take on straight hair as the status-quo symbol of beauty. Curly hair can be equally attractive, although straight hair is more able to be manipulated to different styles.
For straighter hair, I use the following:
  • Matrix shampoo for straightening every day.
  • You can purchase chemical straighteners. Be sure to moisturize and restore your hair texture if you use this. It does chemically break down your hair strands. Use this once every 2-3 weeks and spread it out if you are using highlights as well.
  • Hair Straightener Iron vs Ceramic – both are able to  straighten hair although this is a one time thing. Ceramic is less damaging on the hair due to its texture and heat capacity.
  • I use a great conditioner called Color Me Sexy to maintain the damage done via straighteners and highlights.

Hold Level
Hair products allow you to add shine, texture, sleekness, and molding to you hair. This allows you to be artist and sculpt the hairstyle that you want. Experimentation helps here. In general, hair spray is used at end for final hold. Hair gel, Spiker specifically helps add extreme hardness to hair.

I've been experimenting with Hanz De Fuko and their products are great for a medium hold. I came across their spokesperson Daniel and he actually has a channel dedicated to this:

Daniel Alfonso TV
daniel alfonso hair

Styling Hair during a haircut:

Daniel Alfonso Hairstyle – notice the how he blow dries the sides, and adds texture to the middle

Styling a David Beckham Hairstyle – A cool look to sport

Men Using Highlights?

Women use highlights to accentuate their hair, and so can men. Dark hair can be highlighted with honey brown streaks. I have been experimenting with blonde streaks. For White guys, this works well. For Asians, blonde streaks don't work as well. You need to go all blonde, or be bold and have a few, key streaks. Example:

Dying it blonde


 Dtrix from Quest Crew does a great job using blonde highlights:

Dtrix blonde highlights

Now, I know most of the guy pics are hot models. Let's take a non model example. Pradeep stood out a lot more in VH1's The Pickup Artist after adding his blonde highlights.

pradeep-the pickup artist

Blonde just adds a level of peacocking and flair. It contrasts with the darker color and can be great a addition if done correctly. If in doubt and you have dark hair, try a lighter brown and go from there. Elvis died his hair black, to add masculinity and dominance. Lighter colors and add brevity and freshness. Experiment depending on your sexual avatar and go from there.

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