Mens' Fashion Ideas

Stuck for fashion ideas, reach out or seek out some mentors and collaborator. Here’s some ideas.

1. Ask a girl friend

Got a buddy with a girlfriend who is the type you’d like to attract? Why not as her for some help. If there is anything a girl likes more than shopping, it’s dressing others. Ask her what she likes and doesn’t like about her partner’s dress sense.

I’ve done this several times and once had a (hot) single friend of the girlfriend jump in and help too.

Tip: check that your buddy is cool with you commandeering his girl.

2. Search online

Who’s dating supermodels and what are they wearing, simple as that. But the most interesting guys to hone in on are the ones who aren’t sportsmen, entertainers or billionaires, but ordinary guys dating hot, famous women.

I’ll give you an example, the ordinary guy, Cash whats-his-name that married Jessica Abla.

mens fashion ideas jessica alba and husband cash

3. Hire an image consultant

This is more common than you think in the business world and we all know that movie stars don’t choose their own funky hat for the pap to shoot them in.

A good image consultant should  be an expert in developing your own personal style and not impose their own style, that’s the key skill they have that an ammature lacks.

A great example here of putting an image consultant to use is an old buddy of mine Brad, who was almost a rockstar in his 20s (his band supported some pretty big names in the 1990s, well INXS after the death of Michael Hutchenson). Anyhow, he moved on from making music and designing his own CD covers to a full blown career as a graphic artist for a car magazine. But, he couldn’t get off of the car gig and he couldn’t attract a girl like he did back in the grunge haze of the 1990s. Brad went to an image consultant that stripped away the ripped jeans and long split ends, but keep the rockstar edge and he’s now an art director for an ad agencies and dating the woman of his dreams.

Image Consultants are easy to find on Google

Tip: ask for references from former clients (meet them in person if possible).

4. Ask “non-friend”

I don’t mean you walk about to your arch nemesis and say “Does my butt look big in this?” but rather be suspicious of polite friends who tell you what you want to hear (and also competitive friends who don’t really want to be out-shined).

I have an ex-girlfriend that would literarily spot a girl who made her sick with jealousy in a shopping mall, follow her into stores and befriend her in the change rooms. So, why can’t guys do it too.

5. Look at men’s magazines or online pictures

Don’t guess, go to people who make their living telling us what is cool.

GQ august 21012 Mens Fashion Ideas
GQ august 21012 Mens Fashion Ideas

I particularly like magazines for how to accessorize- see how they are wearing ties and key signature pieces to save up for an invest in piece.

6. Ask a gay guy

But just don’t ask any gay guy because guy doesn’t necessarily mean taste. Seek out the type of gay guy that women flock to and the type of gay guy that breaks girls hearts when they discover his playing for the other team . Like your mates girlfriend he’ll probably be flattered and enthusiastic about taking on a new ‘project.’

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