• Men's Casual Style

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Men’s casual style is just that: casual.  However, there is much more to casual style than meets the eye.  Although many people would presume that men’s casual style merely includes clothing articles like jeans and t-shirts, and even sneakers, the fact is that, men’s casual style has evolved over the years and continues to evolve.  Current staples of men’s casual style do in fact include jeans, but not just any jeans; slightly baggy as well as skinny jeans.  While slightly baggy or perhaps more appropriately termed loose jeans are worn by non-youth mean as opposed to skinny jeans, skinny jeans are more a part of the hip hop- punk, skater generation look.  T-shirts that have emblems, sports logos or writing are also popular casual style statements.

    Men's Casual Style

    The great thing about men’s casual style nowadays is that men can pair casual items with blazers and various accessories such as chains or watches in order to dress up the style.  Scarves have also become a popular casual accessory that can be worn in cool and cold weather as well as warm weather.  The use of scarves with some outfits creates a sense of machismo and appears to be a throwback to Western styles of dress.  In the photographs provided below, there is a range of casual style elements, from more traditionally or stereotypically, if you will, male to more gender-bending styles.  For instance, in the first photograph, classic men’s style elements from the last 50 years can be seen — the shoes, crew shirt, sweaters, dress shoes paired with jeans.  Nevertheless, in the second photograph, the choice of skinny jeans, which are traditionally worn by women, along with the Twiggy-esque hair cut offer a more feminine touch to the once dominant and unflinchingly masculine look.  The young male model wearing a mesh see-through shirt, also pushes the gender-dress envelope.  While it would not be mainstream fashionable or even legal in some places for a woman to wear a see-through shirt as this, the habit of showing of one’s body is more aligned with what women’s fashion has been about as opposed to males.  The see-through shirt offers a sex appeal that is based upon overt sexualization rather than just hinting at what’s underneath the clothes as has been the case with women’s fashion in the push for shorter dresses or skirts, as well as higher heels that accentuate long legs that lead many men to look more closely at a woman’s physique and see what she’s wearing only as an afterthought.

    Men's Casual Style runway

    Men's Casual Style fashion runway

    The feminization of men’s clothing in this way is therefore new, and while it has become a staple for some runway shows, it still is not the dominant mainstream style as most men prefer traditional garments like jeans and pants that don’t hug their bodies, and that provide much needed breathing room!  The remaining photographs offer a nice balance of the old with the new: some 60’s styles with the nuanced styles of the early 21st century.  Clean lines, angles, but with soft or softer fabrics, colors and hairstyles that tell women, “I may be a masculine man, but ladies, you can approach me — I won’t bite.”  This shift into making men’s casual clothes a mode to communicate with the fairer sex through clothes by looking more approachable while still maintaing a masculine edge has been subtle, but that’s also what makes it all the more ingenious. 

    Men's Casual Style models

    asian guy casual style

    Asian guy casual style

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