Men vs. Women on Colors

Women are from Venus, after all, right? Well yes, when it comes to colors. We just don’t care, and this carelessness leads to unawareness in adult life.
colors-seen-by-men-womenIf you have ever walked down a major fashion city such as New York, Paris, Milan or even Shanghai, you’ll notice how women are able to use colors to their advantage. Their fashion sense and style triples with the smart use of colors blending into their entire outfit. Colors can be used to describe our moods, or tell a story.

women beautiful colors paris

Mixed with design elements, colors can be used in different patterns. Floral dresses are such an example:

women floral dress

So how does this relate to men? Well, for starters, try out more colors than just black, grey and white. Pink is hard to pull off if you are a beginner, but try a purple shirt. Remember the fit always trumps anything else, and pick out the color afterward. A great, bright color that matches your personality brings out your inner strength and allows you to be the center of attention in a room. Different colors also matches eye colors better. Lighter colors bring out lighter eyes, and vice versa. If you start experimenting now, it will only be a matter of time until you unleash your new, re-animated wardrobe for next season.

mens purple shirt

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