Matador Mayhem

Quick Definition: A unique technique developed by MPUA Matador resulting in highly physical escalation and a feeding frenzy of girls wanting the primary PUA.

Full Definition:

The Matador Mayhem technique has to do with a combination of verbal and physical escalations. It is a closely held secret within the Venusian arts community, although students have seen it on bootcamps and it has become marketing Lingo for James and his crew.

matador mayhem
An example of kino escalation by Matador in field

As explained by one of his students:

“If you think about your routine stack…..there are 2 parts.

The verbal piece and the kino piece.

Matador Mayhem mostly refers to the kino piece…..very heavy kino escalation tactics.

Basically he will escalate very strongly…..then almost roll off as if nothing happened. This gets her super excited, but just before she reaches the point of getting uncomfortable, he rolls off to give that ‘release’.

The other aspect to Matador Mayhem is James also will be very physical with a number of girls all within the same room……hence creating jealousy amongst the women.

You really have to see it for yourself.

Either way, your routine stack is not complete without a strong kino component.”

You can catch glimpses of Matador’s James on The Pickup Artist when he wings Mystery in field


I’ve seen the Matador Mayhem in field twice!

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