Mastermind Alliance Philosophy

Alliance philosophy
The purpose of our existence is to increase our survival and replication value. Everything we do in life refers back to this fundamental purpose. To deny this is to deny the very reason for our existence. People may argue about life, morals and being happy, however this is the fundamental reason on a biological level of why we are here, and we are governed by these laws of nature.

I got into game about 2 years ago. I discovered a new way to look at the world, and this has been exciting. Over the next 2 years, I drifted back and forth between the real world and the matrix. Between what life should be according to me and what life should be according to pop culture and society’s leaders who present these frames to us.

Fight Club, The Matrix, Entourage, these entertainment art forms remind us of a different way of looking at the world. RSD defines game as “the external representation of the internal frame”. If this is true, then our thoughts ultimately govern our behavior and destiny.

My thoughts – they sometimes waiver; my will and motivation are also tested over time. People go through moments of glory, and moments of being down. I have benefited from having a strong social circle of a few very good friends, who offer me their perspective during hard times. However, they are very specific in their realm of expertise and this is not consistent. As a group, we can represent an idea, a set of values shared by the members. This group is larger than any one member; it represents our ideals and our goals, and can act as a shining light in our journey out of the darkness.

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