Stealth Attraction + Master Pick Up Artist University

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a training house with the world’s best dating coaches? Well Master PUA University aims to delivery this very experience to you, via online modules of their actual training sessions and inside the bedrooms of PUA Training’s London mansion.

This review has been long overdue as I was a beneficiary and loyal customer of Gambler’s original Master Pick Up Artist University DVD sets. I still have the collection stashed in my bedroom from years ago.

*As a disclaimer, we are an affiliate for PUA Training and they’re one of the companies we work with on the ads you see on the pages of PUA*

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The first thing you’ll notice is that production value of this entire experience is quite high. I still remember receiving the DVDs. They are neatly arranged from 01 – 12, along with specific instructions and illustrated CDs. The online portal demonstrates the same level of clean user interface as you get access to each of the month’s modules in training.

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Gambler also throws in his original Stealth Attraction Videos, Social Circle Gaming, and Secrets of 9s and 10s. You can view clips of the Stealth Attraction module on YouTube to get a taste of what his style of seduction is like:

Who is Richard La Ruina?

Richard is the moderator and CEO of PUA Training. He’s known as Gambler in The Game and also published his own book on Amazon a few years ago called “The natural art of seduction”. His voice is very even and he has a laid back vibe (much like internet marketing guru Frank Kern). Gambler very rare boasts about his accomplishments as many other masters do, he simply tells it like it is. As such, sometimes people wonder if he’s really good, until they get to the actual material that he’s delivering.

Furthermore, Gambler does a great job featuring other artists and serving as a platform of useful information.

Stealth Attraction DVDs

This is a 3 disk set that teaches you a relatively new technique Gambler calls “Stealth Attraction”. The premise is simple yet subtle: to escalate the seduction model without triggering any of the woman’s conscious responses for rejection or stalling. He talks about how kino works to test her level of comfort, and a cool feature or how to force an IOI from across the room as you’re talking to another girl.

MPUA University series

You’ll notice his use of Guest Stars in the MPUA University Program:

Matthew Hussey – a confidence and public speaking coach in the UK. His lectures really left he inspired. He reminds me of a perfect match of Tony Robbins and Zan, spilling out useful advice about having the right attitude and mindset, and how to use it to further develop you game. Matthew’s contributions to PUA Training are substantial, as his specialty is lifestyle design from a positive mind set. Within the videos you can tell that he knows about pick up artistry as well, though his focus stems from bringing out a positive mindset as it pertains to game first, and then working on technique thereafter.

Adam Lyons – One of the most prolific and famous PUAs in the world, Adam is another character of the cast, featured regularly though the monthly videos. His speech is quick and sometimes you will need to rewind the video to listen to him again. His game is sick. Spilling out information after information, you will need to view and review his lectures a few times to capture all of the value he brings. Of particular interest is that Adam seems like a genuinely nice guy, who is trained extremely well in game.

Dharam – the master of the “nice guy” persona, Dharam proves that you don’t need to be an asshole to be dominant or to get girls. His section was particularly useful on the concept of the warm alpha / warm beta and being in your natural state without forcing a change of your core identity. He then calibrates how to game based on his natural vibe as “the guy you can always count on”

Yad – Yad doesn’t look like much, however it is precisely his lack of physical appearance that makes him good: the margin of error for his game is very low. He therefore spits a high level of game to get the girls that he desires. I found the Yad interview to be a tad long, however I enjoyed some of his insights into game, which I have not heard before in other PUA training videos or seminars.

Lesbian girl, bar girl, model: throughout the course, we get a glimpse of the girls that Gambler has in his life. He interviews them about their perspective on dating, guys, and how a perfect meeting would be experienced, from a woman’s perspective. I found one interview with the UK model Faye to be extremely insightful. She’s very sweet and at the same time, has a natural way about her when she almost “unconsciously” qualifies certain guys. Gambler’s calibration and his tonality draws our her secrets while making her feel very comfortable in his presence.