Martial Artist

The martial artist is strong, powerful, and understands the expression of the human body. They are descendants from the time honored traditional of physical and mental fitness in Confucian culture.

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Unique Style Qualities: Tough looking, great body posture, wears clothes that are fitting as well as easy for the movement of the body
Common Clothing Items: Wife beater (when training), leather jacket, T-shirt and training pants, fighting gloves
Favorite Brands Sports-related stores
Style Attraction Switches (SAS) The ability to kiss someone’s ass, discipline in training, build of body and mind, control over power, compassion over others in defending oneself (sometimes abused), strength (physical and mental)
What Women Think:
  • I would be safe with him
  • He looks so strong
  • I wonder how that strength translates in bed
Natural Habitat Gyms, Martial Arts studios, Wu Shu exhibitions

Famous Examples

Jet Li The One
Jet Li
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan
Jason Statham
Jason Statham


The stereotypical image of the Asian man in the US has transformed, mostly thanks to the martial artists. In “Romeo Must Die”, Jet Li set a new boundary in black and Asian culture next to Aaliyah (RIP). Soon after, Jackie Chan was dating Jennifer Love Hewett in “The Tuxedo” and Jet Li married another white girl in “The One”.

These days Asian-White hookups are much more common and continues to be exemplified in recent movies such as “Harold and Kumar A Very 3D Christmas”, “Fast Five” and “The Namesake” (Kal Penn). Martial Arts can also be practiced by others and this presents an interesting mixed duality in Western movie stars like Jason Statham and Chuck Norris [Insert Joke Here]. Furthermore, MMA fighting has taken off in the US and this is also another lineage of Bruce Lee and martial arts’ legacy.

Natural Counterparts

Kung Fu Girls
Martial Arts Movie Fans
Dawn Yang Singapore Blogger
Asian Girls
Aaliyah Movie Star
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Bruce Lee Fashion

Even in Style, Bruce Lee was ahead of his time
Jackie Chan Paris Hilton
Jackie Chan Paris Hilton
Jet Li
A famed martial artist before he was a movie star, Jet Li is a sex symbol worldwide
Martial artists come from all races

Example of a fight scene, creatively choreographed from Romeo Must Die