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  • Marni Kinrys

    By on September 18, 2012

    Marni Kinrys
    Marni Kinrys

    Real Name: Marni Kinrys
    Affiliation: PUA Instructor at The Wing Girl Method

    Marni Kinrys

    Marni Kinrys
    Real Name: Marni Kinrys
    Website: http://www.winggirlmethod.com

    Marni is considered a secret weapon in the seduction community as she can teach men from a woman’s point of view…a hot woman at that. Marni refers to herself as the ultimate wing girl in that she can give a man the skills and knowledge to attract any woman he wants. She teaches men why women do the things they do and what each little signal, interaction, and word means, from a woman’s perspective. Marni got her start in the seduction community by watching her successful, handsome, male friends fail with the opposite sex repeatedly. After some coaching, soon Marni’s friends were swarming with women. It’s been said that working with Marni is almost like getting game plan tips from an opposing team’s head coach.


    “Women do not like bad boys. Nobody has ever said why can’t I meet a jerk who is unreliable and has no direction in life”

    “There’s never a bad time to approach a woman. Women want to be approached as long as it’s by the right person.”


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    Video of Marni Kinrys with Dr. Drew

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