Marina Girls (San Francisco)

Sexual Stereotype Profile: The Marina Girl

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Location Union, Fillmore and Chestnut Street
Age Range The Marina Barbie: Blond, Skinny, High-end fashion, Young 20-30 yuppies with post graduate degrees from the east coast and other major universities. Occasionally the brunette with highlights, perky breasts, long legs and light makeupThe Maria Cougar: Same Marina Barbies, just older now and more experienced in hunting down young studs
Physical / Style Qualities Daytime: Tight Yoga Jeans and tight shirts to show off their toned bodies. Louis Vuitton bags and designer shadesNighttime: Classy attire and revealing dresses. Extremely high heels. Victoria’s Secret, Juicy Couture, Seven Jeans, Ugg Boots
Favorite Halloween Costume Princesses, because that’s what they wanted to be as little girlsPeacocks, because they loved to be looked at and feel like a special bitch
Natural Male Counterpart Marina Jock Guy / Ivy League Good Looking White Dude who also lives in the MarinaAKA Abercrombie Douchebag (from Hot chicks with Douchebags)
Personality Stereotypes
  • Marina Barbies are usually pretty nice if you have a general sense of style and they consider you somewhat around their class. By class I mean social class
  • They have a healthy, sometimes inflated sense of entitlement, generally naive and nice because people always treated them well as beautiful little girls and daddy’s little girls
  • High maintenance, wine and dine dating style. Rumor has it that some Marina girls are taken care of by older, rich San Francisco old money who pays for their expensive apartments and quality of life
  • Most Marina girls don’t work, or work in easy jobs like a receptionist, a retail store girl or other “eye candy” occupations that leverage her looks
  • Marina girls love dogs and puppies, yoga, fruit smoothies, walking, jogging, pilates, high end nail saloons and shopping at high end fashion brand stores
  • Considers extravagant waste and leisure an art form
How To Game
  • Get past the class discrimination with upscale, classy fashion sense. Proximity and logistics to close by Marina apartments helps. Game should be pretty tight although Marina girls are generally pretty nice rejecting guys because of their experience with it over the years.
  • Her disqualifying criteria will mostly be based on class and lifestyle (i.e. she’s not going to talk to a bum) so if you can get past this then it is standard pickup game.
  • For the hottest 9s and 10s, you will have to find a way to deal with AMOG Marina Frat/Jock guys and their social circle guy friends. Most of these guys are good looking but have limited game. However their physical presence can be intimidating and they are most often found in large groups. Barks louder than they bite.
Natural Enemy Hot Asian Girls, Mission Hippie Girls, South Bay Fatties, SF Fatties
Pop Culture Analogy Cameron Diaz in The Sweetest Thing (see video below)
Natural Habitat The Gavin Newsom Square (Matrix-Fillmore, Plumpjack Wine, Balboa Cafe, and Plumpjack Cafe)
Additional Notes
  • The Marina Safe-way market is also known as “Dateway”, given its high saturation of cougars
  • Big bitch glasses are common during summer
  • Jamba Juice makes lots of money here
  • Common dogs: labradors, poodles, pugs and tinkerbell (Paris Hilton)
  • “It is like LA in SF”
  • Asian girl hater: “Fucking Marina barbies and moms. They never worked a day in their life. Here they are with their tight ass yoga shorts showing off their asses. It’s not like they go to Yoga anyway. Does she have some other skills other than fucking her sugar daddy for a living?”
  • Marina girls are generally more educated than LA actor girls. Usually with a post-bachelor graduates from the east coast and major cities and comes from a wealthy family
  • You’ll find the occasional Asian girl mixed in with the white blondes. She’s usually one of the hotter Asian girls but acts like a Twinkie (Yellow on the outside, white on the inside)

Cameron Diaz in The Sweetest Thing:

Monet Mazur in 40 Days and 40 Nights


On Chestnut Street, Sunday

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