Mission Hipsters (San Francisco)

Sexual Stereotype Profile: The Mission Hipster

hipster mission girls

Location The Mission, Haight & Ashbury St, Tenderloin
Age Range Usually young girls, occasionally the pretend young 30s hipster who’s too old to still be doing drugs and living in SF doing “art”.
Physical / Style Qualities -Daytime: Scarfs, weird layering and artsy colors. Long stockings. Hipster Glasses.-Nighttime: Scarfs, weird layering and artsy colors. Long stockings. Hipster Glasses.
Favorite Halloween Costume -Chucky, Dexter, the scarier the better.-Unlike Marina Girls, Mission Hipsters don’t care about being hot, just that their costume is authentic.
Natural Male Counterpart Mission Hipsters
Personality Stereotypes
  • Dresses badly, often times hides a nice body underneath
  • Tattoos are common, so is smoking weed. Values art over commerce. Prefers artistic suffering vs. superficial pleasures.
  • Usually low maintenance, and resourceful with money
  • Messy apartments in weird locations near SF’s homeless population
  • Usually has some sort of glasses or beanie to accessorize her outfit
How To Game
  • Identify with her cause, be it artistic or non-profit or art based.
  • Her disqualifying criteria will mostly be if you’re edgy enough and interesting enough for her curiosity.
  • For the hottest 9s and 10s, you will have to compete with other guy hipsters usually they just look the part but have little game. Some of them may have a slightly better collection of slang but that’s pretty much it. Hipster guys don’t fight as much as the marina douchebags.
Natural Enemy Marina Girls, Plastics, Preppy white girls, Rich Kids (Note: some hipsters are rich kids too, they just pretend not to be)
Pop Culture Analogy Shannyn Sossamon in 40 days and 40 nights (see pic below)
Natural Habitat Fillmore, The Mission district, anywhere near the park
Additional Notes
  • Missions girls are actually pretty cool for the most part, and easy to talk to
  • Most of them are bitches and are actually elitist, despite their claim that they are “more down and real than the plastics”
  • Some mission girls have mad style – they pull off amazing looks on a budget by understanding the nuances of layering and colors. Others are just all over the place
  • Usually sexually open and open to exploring

Mission Hipster Girls vs. Marina Girls


San Francisco. The city with the coldest summer in the world. Well known to most locals but unbeknownst to most visitors, the the San Francisco neighborhood has its own breed of females. These two tribes hate each other, and seem to have their own stereotypes of what types of guys they go for.

The Marina Girl

The first one is the notorious Marina Girl. The stereotypical Marina Girl hangs out with ex frat-boys. They are transplants from colleges all over the US that have since moved to the upscale neighborhood. Walking around the Marina on a Saturday night, I felt like I was at Toys R Us, in the Barbie section. There were all types. Brand-whore barbie, sports barbie running back from the gym, Legally Blonde barbie walking her chuwawa, and cougar barbie walking to a charity event with free drinks and an optional $10,000 donation.

sorority girls

In a well written definition from Urban Dictionary:

“The stereotypical Marina girl parties hard, shops casual yet high end fashions including Juicy Couture, Seven Jeans, Ugg Boots, and Banana Republic while never being employed in any tangible profession, other than receptionist, office manager, or booth babe. The Marina Girl maintains her high quality of life through a series of arrangements with older gentlemen in neighboring Pacific Heights. In recent years on weekends, Marina Girls tend to gravitate around the area dubbed by Herb Caen as the “Bermuda Triangle”: a collection of bars and restaurants on the corner of Fillmore and Greenwich streets. In recent times this area has become known as Gavin Newsom square with a collection of Newsom-owned businesses dominating the triangle. Mayor Newsom’s Matrix-Fillmore, Plumpjack Wine, Balboa Cafe, and Plumpjack Cafe are all Marina staples that dominate the landscape. During the week, the Marina Girl can be found looking for companionship at the popular Marina Safeway. When a Marina Girl turns 30, she is no longer known as a Marina Girl, but as a “Cougar”. A few places in the Marina with a high saturation of Cougars are Balboa Cafe, Cozmo’s, the California Wine Merchant, and the Marina Safeway (AKA DateWay).”

In PUA terms, the Marina girl represents the blondies of LA quite well.


  • There is always an abundance of sets in the Marina to approach. The best thing about these girls is that they are usually very nice and there is always a group of blonde girls that are down to fuck. You just have to find the right one. I personally think that rich girls from this type of background tend to be nicer, because they have always been treated nicely by other people
  • They usually have very good style and generally have a lot of money. Getting drinks from Marina girls is relatively easy
  • They are easy sets to open
  • If you can pull, usually has very clean and nice smelling bedroom with ridiculously high rent or rent control.


On the negative side,

  • There is a bit of race and class separation that inherently comes with this group of stereotypical girls. As a non-white person, if you let it get to you, it will. White people hate being called out on racism so as long as your frame comes from one of understanding and indifference, this shouldn’t be a big issue. There is more class separation than race, if you sit and ponder it.
  • The average “Marina Guy” is a tall, 6 foot ex-frat / jock boy who never made it big in sports, but is still relatively rich and now works at a startup in San Francisco post tech boom. Think Josh Heartnick in 40 days and 40 nights. The good news is that these guys usually have very lame game, because they have always depended on their frat social networks and their looks to get laid. A semi-competent PUA should have no problems here.

The Mission Hipster Girl

The Mission Hipster is a twenty-something self-proclaimed ‘artist,’ usually seen drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon at dive bars when not riding up and down Valencia on their track bike. They take pride in their relative poverty (though more than a few have wealthy families), working jobs as baristas or bike messengers. Their signature look includes a fauxhawk (male) or short bowl cut (female), aviator sunglasses, an ironic t-shirt, ripped jeans and Chuck Taylors. They can be found in great number at Slim’s or the Bottom of the Hill on any given weekend where they prefer the sounds of acoustic guitars played by troubled singer-songwriters and upbeat post-punk-pop. They often avoid the upper Mission on those same nights, complaining that it’s overrun by ‘slumming yuppies from the Marina.’

missionOn visiting the mission this weekend, we (some PUAs and me) found a strong dislike of anything Marina-related when out clubbing in the mission. I also found mission social circles to be more in tune. In other words, opening cold sets in the mission requires more congruence and game. The good news is that these mission girls, although not as “pretty” in the traditional sense of makeup, highend style and barbie-like hair, have character. Some are artists. Another girl I met was a fashion designer. Girls who study art at the Academy of Art San Francisco who play video games with their guy friends on weekdays and party hard on the weekends.

Mission Girl Pros

  • Into something other than themselves
  • Usually has some drugs or weed at least if you’re into that sort of thing
  • Has less makeup and a sense of natural beauty (less makeup, no implants, variety of fashionable styles)
  • Is down to earth and real once you get past bitch shield

Mission Girl Cons

  • In general, does not flaunt sexuality as much. Hard to spot physical 10s unless you look closely.
  • Can have high bitch shields if you are not part of the group
  • Has some weird hobby that you just don’t get and a cat at home
  • Lives in a small apartment with loud neighbors

I love both types of girls. I find the Marina girls more fuck-able and the Mission girls more interesting to talk to.