Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery?

If you pickup a biography of Marlyn Monroe AKA Norma Jean you will find her life to be one of great sorrow. Never really achieving happiness, despite her legendary beauty and fame, Marilyn fell ill to depression and died at the tender age of 36. She was still considered gorgeous and even more attractive in her 30s.

In analyzing her old photos it has become apparent that she’s had work done to her face, probably by an amazing plastic surgeon. Notice Norma’s first photographs:


After a nose job, she starting looking better and better.


Chin implant / reshaping was done prior to her achieving her famous movie star look. In the following photos, notice the perfect shape of her nose and face. Marilyn also constantly died her hair blonde, even though she was a natural brunette.



History remembers Marilyn (Norma) as a sex Goddess, and a celebrity that gave everything to the public. Perhaps that image of beauty is her ultimate gift to us.

Marilyn Monroe