Affiliation: UCSD, U.S. Army, Neuro-Cognition, Ex-RSD, Independent coach
Manwhore’s Website

“Manwhore”, a moniker picked up during his time at the University of California, is a neuro-cognitive scientist from UCSD, ex-military professional and avid political scientist.

He’s run a drills-based seduction training program for over a decade, based on verbal game development and physical escalation skills, that continues to achieve amazing results in his student’s lives. He is a respected leader and coach in the pickup/dating community since 2006, and has a long list of publications, podcasts and collaborative work with other coaches and dating companies.

Manwhore is a highly experienced infield bootcamp instructor and practices the art himself on a daily basis. You can find updates on his latest adventures with women, along with dozens of lay reports, on his website which are available for you to learn from.

Training with Manwhore can be accomplished by simply filling out a form on his website, and he claims his clients and students become much more charismatic and seductively appealing, and get laid much more often than those from other training programs.

From the words of some of his followers and students, his testimonials include the words “brilliant”, “inspiring”, and “life-changing.”

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