• Manwhore

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Affiliation: Ex-RSD, Independent coach
    Website: http://manwhore.org/

    Manwhore describes himself as a simple man with strong masculine drives, and this makes him easily relatable to men all across the world that are consistently seeking his help. He is not just a PUA instructor that teaches others as he practices the art himself on a daily basis and you can find updates on his latest adventures with women on his blog in the hope that others can learn from him.

    He is a respected leader and coach in the Real Social Dynamics community, and you will see by his long list of publications and podcasts.  Manwhore also makes a point that although many may misconstrue his intentions, he is not a mysogynist but he loves women to the core and wishes them well.  His signature style illustrates his talents in the skill of physical escalation, and his long list of happy clients is testament to that fact.  You can find more of Manwhore in the RSD community or on his blog where he gives instruction on how to sext, how to plan a party, and podcasts offering you specialized teaching on the more detailed aspects of the trade.

    Getting coaching with Manwhore can be accomplished by simply filling out a form on his website, and he claims that his listeners and clients get laid twice as much as those who don’t follow his advice.

    From the words of some of his followers and students, his testimonials include the words “brilliant”, “inspiring”, and even “God”.

    Manwhore Pictures

    hugh hefner 50sNikita played by Maggie Qnormal guys at the bar

    A preview of one of Manwhore at the Under 21 convention can be found here

    You can also catch words of wisdom from the manwhore himself right here

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